Eyebrow Lift
The BOTOX® brow lift involves injecting the muscle groups that control downward movement of the eyebrows. By weakening the muscles between and around your eyes, BOTOX® will allow the muscles that move the eyebrows upward to work with less opposition.

This procedure will result in a lifted, more youthful look as the brow is elevated and the upper eyelids and frown area between the eyebrows are tightened. Not only does the BOTOX® brow lift raise the eyebrows into a more graceful arch, but it also opens and brightens eyes with a hooded appearance.

What to Expect
Several units of BOTOX® solution will be injected into the facial area using a very fine needle. Minimal discomfort from the injection may result, requiring no anesthetic. The procedure only takes 5–10 minutes.

Effectiveness and Results
This non-surgical eyebrow lift is noticeably successful in creating a more refreshed, youthful appearance. Results typically lasts 6–8 months.

Before and After Gallery
Before BOTOX® eyebrow lift After BOTOX® eyebrow lift

Before BOTOX® eyebrow lift After BOTOX® eyebrow lift