Pigmented Skin
Formation of age spots as the skin ages © ADAM, Inc.
Sun spots, age spots, and other instances of pigmented skin can be erased without a trace by IPL and laser treatments. Also called age spots or liver spots, sun spots appear over time in response to over-exposure to sunlight. In trying to protect us from the sun's harmful rays, our skin develops an excess of a pigment called melanin. As we age, our skin grows thinner, causing these spots to become more visible.

Regardless of how the excess pigment originated, we have the ability to remove any unsightly spots with laser and IPL treatment.

What to Expect
Depending on the area being treated, the session may last approximately 20 minutes. Pain is minimal and generally well-tolerated. After one or two skin pigmentation laser treatments, your skin will have more even tone and a smoother look and feel. Sunspots will start to fade, and pores can become less apparent.

After a session, you will probably experience some swelling, which lasts from 2–6 hours to several days, and some redness, which usually lasts for 1–2 hours after treatment. Bruising can occur and should fade within 4–7 days. Antibiotic ointments may be used during the healing process. Using sunblock and avoiding sun exposure are essential. Patients can return to work or resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Effectiveness and Results
Treatment is generally very effective at removing age, liver, sun or brown spots on the skin. In fact, laser therapy is the treatment of choice for these spots. This process may require two or more sessions to completely remove the spots, depending on how many there are and on the area of the body being treated.

In general, removal of age spots is permanent, but patients sometimes see new spots appear as they go back out into the sun. These new spots are a result of sun exposure, not a recurrence of the previously removed spots. Good sun avoidance is key if you wish to maintain optimal results.

Before and After Gallery
Before treatment on age spots After treatment on age spots

Before treatment on sun spots After treatment on sun spots