PDO Thread Lift
PDO thread lift
The PDO thread lift is an innovative approach to the non-surgical, no-scar facelift. This treatment involves injecting sutures into the hypodermis layer of the skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, jowl area, and other aging areas of the face. Rather than filling in volume that has been lost under the skin over time, PDO threading lifts the skin from below the surface for immediate as well as sustainable results.

How PDO Threading Works
Multi-stranded threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) are injected under the skin, forming a scaffold for new collagen cells to attach to. This stimulates regeneration of the dermal elastin and collagen tissues, which lifts sagging skin and wrinkles from below the skin surface for years to come. As your tissues regenerate naturally, your skin will take on a brighter and more youthful appearance.

PDO threads are the same material as the sterile, soluble sutures that have been used in surgical procedures for decades. Your body will resorb the threads over 6–8 months.
Miracu needles

Our Technology
With the Miracu system (a portmanteau of miracle and acupuncture), a thin-walled syringe needle is inserted under the skin to place the PDO thread. Treatment is customizable to each patient's needs, as Miracu provides different thicknesses (ranging from 4–7mm).

Using these tiny suture threads, Miracu accelerates blood and lymphatic microcirculation in the treated areas, promoting cellular regeneration and collagen synthesis.

What to Expect
The procedure will generally take about 15–45 minutes, depending on the extent of skin repair needed and how many threads are used. It is considered a "lunch time procedure" with no downtime afterward. There may be a small pain involved, with some bruising especially with larger threads.

Effectiveness and Results
The advantages of a PDO thread lift include decreased soreness and longer-lasting effects compared to a dermal filler, and less hindrance of facial expressions compared to BOTOX Cosmetic. The results of the thread lift are immediate and will reach optimal appearance in 3–6 months. Results last around 2–3 years and may require maintenance as your skin and body continue to age.

Possible Side Effects
Side effects are minimal. PDO threads are hypoallergenic and have been used safely for decades to suture surgical incisions, and the threads will naturally be resorbed over time. However, if a thread is injected too superficially and causes a visible bump in the skin, it can be pulled out with tweezers.

Before and After Gallery
Before Miracu PDO thread lift After Miracu PDO thread lift

Before Miracu PDO thread lift After Miracu PDO thread lift